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A.Hoisington, William (2017) The Assassination of Jacques Lemaigre Dubreuil. Routledge. (Submitted)

Altink, Henrice (2017) Representations of Slave Women in Discourses on Slavery and Abolition, 1780–1838. Routledge. (Submitted)

Arweck, Elisabeth (2017) Researching New Religious Movements. Routledge. (Submitted)

Axenov, Konstantin and Brade, Isolde and Bondarchuk, Evgenij (2006) The Transformation of Urban Space in Post-Soviet Russia. Routledge. (Submitted)


Cordell, Karl and Wolff, Stefan (2017) Germany’s Foreign Policy towards Poland and the Czech Republic. Routledge. (Submitted)

Cortés, Pablo (2011) Online Dispute Resolution for Consumers in the European Union. Routledge. (Submitted)

Cruickshank, Ken (2017) Teenagers, Literacy and School. Routledge. (Submitted)


D Grove, Philip and J Grove, Mark and Finlan, Alastair (2003) Essential Histories The Second World War (3). Routledge. (Submitted)

Desai, Manali (2017) State Formation and Radical Democracy in India. Routledge. (Submitted)

Doub, J. Peyton (2013) The Endangered Species Act : History, Implementation, Successes, and Controversies. CRC Press T&F Group. (Submitted)


E. Corey, Kenneth and I. Wilson, Mark (2006) Urban and Regional Technology : Planning Planning Practice in the Global Knowledge Economy. Routledge. (Submitted)

Ellison, Nick (2006) The Transformation of Welfare States? Routledge. (Submitted)


F. Peppin, John (2017) The Annals of Bioethics Regional Perspectives in Bioethics. Routledge. ISBN 978-90-265-1952-9 (Submitted)

Farr, Martin (2017) Reginald McKenna : Financier among Statesmen, 1863-1916. Routledge. (Submitted)


Gallo, Carina and Svensson, Kerstin (2019) Victim Support and the Welfare State. Routledge. ISBN 978-0-429-50574-4 (Submitted)

Goodey, C.F. (2011) A HISTORY OF INTELLIGENCE AND “INTELLECTUAL DISABILITY”. Routledge. ISBN 978-1-4094-2021-7 (Submitted)


Hayden, Jacqueline (2006) The Collapse of Communist Power in Poland. Routledge. (Submitted)

Hetland, Per and Pierroux, Palmyre and Esborg, Line (2020) A History of Participation in Museums and Archives Traversing Citizen Science and Citizen Humanities. Routledge. ISBN 978- 0- 429- 19753- 6 (Submitted)

Hirschler, Konrad (2017) MEDIEVAL ARABIC HISTORIOGRAPHY. Routledge. (Submitted)

Hutton, Margaret-Anne (2017) Testimony from the Nazi Camps. Routledge. (Submitted)


J. Rodriguez-Fuentes, Carlos (2017) Regional Monetary Policy. Routledge. (Submitted)

Jain, Purnendra (2017) Japan’s Subnational Governments in International Affairs. Routledge. (Submitted)

Jansson, Julia (2019) Terrorism, Criminal Law and Politics. Routledge. (Submitted)


Kelly, Graham (2005) Terrace Heroes. Taylor & Francis Group. (Submitted)

Kilby, Patrick (2011) NGOs in India. Routledge. (Submitted)

Kluge, Sofie (2022) Literature and Historiography in the Spanish Golden Age. Routledge. (Submitted)

Kyriakidis, Evangelos (2020) A Community A Community Empowerment Approach to Heritage Management Approach to Heritage Management. Routledge, 2 Park Square, Milton Park, Abingdon, Oxon OX14 4RN. ISBN 978-0-429-42936-1 (Submitted)


Lahti, Janne (2019) THE AMERICAN WEST AND THE WORLD. Routledge. (Submitted)

Lottaz, Pascal and Ottosson, Ingemar (2022) Sweden, Japan, and the Long Second World War. Routledge. (Submitted)

Lynch, Kenneth (2017) Rural–Urban Interaction in the Developing World. Routledge. (Submitted)

Lähdesmäki, Tuuli (2020) Creating and Governing Cultural Heritage in the European Union. Routledge. ISBN 978- 0- 429- 05354- 2 (Submitted)


Manafis, Panagiotis (2020) (Re)writing History in Byzantium. Routledge. ISBN 978-0-429-35102-0 (Submitted)

Martin, Michael E. (2007) Residential Segregation Patterns of Latinos in the United States, 1990–2000. Taylor & Francis Group. (Submitted)

McBride, Christopher Mark (2004) THE COLONIZER ABROAD : American Writers on Foreign Soil, 1846–1912. Taylor & Francis Group. (Submitted)

McCollough, Martha (2004) Three Nation, One Place. Routledge. (Submitted)

Mio, Minoru and Bates, Crispin (2015) Cities in South Asia. Routledge. ISBN 978-1-315-73582-5 (Submitted)

Molland, Sverre (2022) Safe migration and the politics of brokered safety in Southeast Asia. Routledge. (Submitted)

Moshenska, Gabriel (2019) Material Cultures of Childhood in Second World War Britain. Routledge. (Submitted)


Ostling, Johan and Olsen, Niklas and Larsson Heidenblad, David (2020) Histories of Knowledge in Postwar Scandinavia. Routledge. ISBN 978-1-003-01927-5 (Submitted)


P Karan, Pradyumna (2017) THE NON-WESTERN WORLD : Environment, Development, and Human Rights. Routledge. (Submitted)

Pedersen, Susan and Mandler, Peter (2017) AFTER THE VICTORIANS. Routledge. ISBN 9780415070560 (Submitted)


Ringmar, Erik (2001) The Mechanics of Modernity in Europe and East Asia : The institutional origins of social change and stagnation. Routledge. (Submitted)


St John, Ronald Bruce (2017) Revolution, Reform and Regionalism in Southeast Asia. Routledge. (Submitted)


Warrington, Marnie Hughes- (2019) History As Wonder. Routledge. (Submitted)

Wijermars, Mariëlle (2019) Memory Politics in Contemporary Russia. Routledge. (Submitted)

Wu, Xiu-Zhi Zoe (2017) Grammaticalization and Language Change In Chinese. Routledge. (Submitted)


Çetinsaya, Gökhan (2017) Ottoman Administration of Iraq, 1890–1908. Routledge. (Submitted)

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