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A. Freeman Georgia, Peter and Richards Adrion, W. and Aspray, William (2019) Computing and the National Science Foundation, 1950–2016. ACM Books, Amherst William Aspray University of Colorado Boulder. ISBN 978-1-4503-7274-9 (Submitted)

Ashley, W. David (2019) Foundations of Libvirt Development. Apress. ISBN 978-1-4842-4861-4 (Submitted)


B. Ottinger, Joseph and Lombardi, Andrew (2019) Beginning Spring 5. Apress. ISBN 978-1-4842-4485-2 (Submitted)

Beach, Brian and Armentrout, Steven and Bozo, Rodney and Tsouris, Emmanuel (2019) Pro PowerShell for Amazon Web Services. Apress. ISBN 978-1-4842-4850-8 (Submitted)

Bell, Charles (2019) Introducing MySQL Shell: Administration Made Easy with Python. Apress. (Submitted)

Benthien, Claudia and Lau, Jordis and M. Marxsen, Maraike (2019) THE LITERARINESS OF MEDIA ART. Routledge. (Submitted)

Beysolow II, Taweh (2019) Applied Reinforcement Learning with Python. Apress, San Francisco, CA, USA. ISBN 978-1-4842-5126-3 (Submitted)

Bocco, Andrea and Gerace, Martina and Pollini, Susanna (2019) The Environmental Impact of Sieben Linden Ecovillage. Routledge. (Submitted)

Bresnahan, Christine and Blum, Richard (2019) CompTIA® Linux+ Study Guide. Fourth Edition . Apress, Indianapolis, Indiana. ISBN 978-1-119-55603-9 (Submitted)

Brodie, Michael L. (2019) Making Databases Work. Morgan & Claypool Publisher. ISBN 978-1-94748-717-8 (Submitted)


Carrasco Molina, Manuel (2019) Karma-based Api on Apple Platforms. Apress. ISBN 978-1-4842-4290-2 (Submitted)

Carter, Eric and Hurst, Matthew (2019) Agile Machine Learning. Apress. ISBN 978-1-4842-5106-5 (Submitted)

Chandler Herman, Jaken (2019) Beginning Game Development with Amazon Lumberyard. Apress, Conroe, TX, USA. ISBN 978-1-4842-5072-3 (Submitted)

Chen, Kwang-Cheng and Prasad, Ramjee (2019) Cognitive Radio Networks. John Wiley & Sons, The Atrium, Southern Gate, Chichester, West Sussex, PO19 8SQ, United Kingdom. ISBN 978-0-470-69689-7 (Submitted)

Cheng, Fu (2019) Flutter Recipes. Apress. ISBN 978-1-4842-4981-9 (Submitted)

Cook, Christopher C. H. (2019) Hearing Voices, Demonic and Divine. Routledge. (Submitted)

Cossu, Sebastiano M. (2019) Game Development with GameMaker Studio 2. Apress. ISBN 978-1-4842-5010-5 (Submitted)

Curtis, Curtis (2019) Practical Oracle JET : Developing Enterprise Applications in JavaScript. Apress. ISBN 978-1-4842-4346-6 (Submitted)


Dai, Ron (2019) Learn Java with Math: Using Fun Projects and Games. Apress. ISBN 978-1-4842-5209-3 (Submitted)

Davis, Adam L. (2019) Learning Groovy 3: Java-Based Dynamic Scripting. Apress. ISBN 978-1-4842-5058-7 (Submitted)

Davis, Andrew (2019) Mastering Salesforce DevOps: A Practical Guide to Building Trust While Delivering Innovation. Apress. ISBN 978-1-4842-5473-8 (Submitted)

DiLeo, Carleton (2019) Clean Ruby. Apress, Boulder, CO, USA. ISBN 978-1-4842-5545-2 (Submitted)


Ellegård, Kajsa (2019) Thinking Time Geography : Concepts, Methods and Applications. Routledge. (Submitted)

Engelsrud, Aaron (2019) Managing PeopleSoft on the Oracle Cloud Best Practices with PeopleSoft Cloud Manager. Apress. ISBN 978-1-4842-4546-0 (Submitted)

Eshkabilov, Sulaymon (2019) Beginning MATLAB and Simulink. Apress, Fargo, United States. ISBN 978-1-4842-5060-0 (Submitted)


F. Ilyas, Ihab and Chu, Xu (2019) Data Cleaning. ACM Books. ISBN 978-1-4503-7155-1 (Submitted)

FINNIGAN, KEN (2019) Enterprise Java Microservices. Manning Publications. ISBN 9781617294242 (Submitted)

Fahmi, Irham and Fachruddin, Rudy and Silvia, Vivi (2019) Analisis E-Business pada Keputusan Kewirausahaan Bisnis Digital (Sebuah Kajian Literatur Studi). Analisis E-Business pada Keputusan Kewirausahaan Bisnis Digital (Sebuah Kajian Literatur Studi). (Submitted)

Fawzy Mohamed Gad, Ahmed (2019) Building Android Apps in Python Using Kivy with Android Studio. Apress, Faculty of Computers & Information, Menoufia University, Shibin El Kom, Egypt. ISBN 978-1-4842-5030-3 (Submitted)

Feiler, Jesse (2019) Implementing iOS and macOS Documents with the Files App: Managing Files and Ensuring Compatibility. Apress. ISBN 978-1-4842-4492-0 (Submitted)

Freeman, Adam (2019) Essential Angular for ASP.NET Core MVC 3. Second Edition . Apress. ISBN 978-1-4842-5283-3 (Submitted)

Freeman, Adam (2019) Essential TypeScript From Beginner to Pro. Apress. ISBN 978-1-4842-4978-9 (Submitted)


Gallo, Carina and Svensson, Kerstin (2019) Victim Support and the Welfare State. Routledge. ISBN 978-0-429-50574-4 (Submitted)

Gandhi, Raju (2019) JavaScript Next. Apress. ISBN 978-1-4842-5394-6 (Submitted)

Georgi, Howard (2019) Lie Algebras in Particle Physics. CRC Press T&F Group. (Submitted)


HILARY, HINDS (2019) A Cultural History of Twin Beds. Bloomsbury Academic. (Submitted)

Hagos, Ted (2019) Android Studio IDE Quick Reference. Apress, Manila, National Capital Region, Philippines. ISBN 978-1-4842-4952-9 (Submitted)

Haider, Jutta and Sundin, Olof (2019) Invisible Search and Online Search Engines. Routledge. (Submitted)

Hajian, Majid (2019) Progressive Web Apps with Angular : Create Responsive, Fast and Reliable PWAs Using Angular. Apress. ISBN 978-1-4842-4448-7 (Submitted)

Hassan, Nihad A. (2019) Digital Forensics Basics: A Practical Guide Using Windows OS. Apress. ISBN 978-1-4842-3838-7 (Submitted)

Hein, Jonas I. (2019) Political Ecology of REDD+ in Indonesia. Routledge. (Submitted)

Holmes, Simon and Harber, Clive (2019) Getting MEAN with Mongo, Express, Angular, and Node, 2nd Edition. Manning Publications. ISBN 9781617294754 (Submitted)


Iglesias, Iglesias (2019) Pro D3.js : Use D3.js to Create Maintainable, Modular, and Testable Charts. Apress, USA. ISBN 978-1-4842-5203-1 (Submitted)

Institution, of Mechanical Engineers (2019) INTERNAL COMBUSTION ENGINES AND POWERTRAIN SYSTEMS FOR FUTURE TRANSPORT 2019. CRC Press T&F Group. (Submitted)


Jansson, Julia (2019) Terrorism, Criminal Law and Politics. Routledge. (Submitted)

Jensen, David (2019) Beginning Azure IoT Edge Computing. Apress, Powder Springs, GA, USA. ISBN 978-1-4842-4535-4 (Submitted)

Johannessen, Jon-Arild (2019) The Workplace of the Future : The Fourth Industrial Revolution, the Precariat and the Death of Hierarchies. Routledge. ISBN 978-0-429-44121-9 (Submitted)


Kapil, Sunil (2019) Clean Python. Apress, Sunnyvale, CA, USA. ISBN 978-1-4842-4877-5 (Submitted)

Kathuria, Hemant and Chawla, Harsh (2019) Building Microservices Applications on Microsoft Azure. Apress, India. ISBN 978-1-4842-4827-0 (Submitted)

Kelly, Sloan (2019) Python, PyGame, and Raspberry Pi Game Development. Apress. ISBN 978-1-4842-4533-0 (Submitted)

Kenlon, Seth (2019) Developing Games on the Raspberry Pi. apress, Wellington, New Zealand. ISBN 978-1-4842-4169-1 (Submitted)

Koulu, Riikka (2019) Law, Technology and Dispute Resolution. Routledge. (Submitted)

Koulu, Riikka (2019) Law, Technology and Dispute Resolution Privatisation of Coercion. Routledge. (Submitted)

Kulkarni, Sanket (2019) Implementing SAP S/4HANA. Apress. ISBN 978-1-4842-4520-0 (Submitted)

Kumar Singh, Neeraj and Muthukrishnan, Porselvan and Sanpini, Satyanarayana (2019) Industrial System Engineering for Drones. Apress. ISBN 978-1-4842-3533-1 (Submitted)


Lahti, Janne (2019) THE AMERICAN WEST AND THE WORLD. Routledge. (Submitted)

Lakshmi, Vasantha (2019) Beginning Security with Microsoft Technologies. Apress, Bangalore, India. ISBN 978-1-4842-4852-2 (Submitted)

Laruelle, Marlene (2019) Russian Nationalism : Imaginaries, Doctrines, and Political Battlefields. Routledge. (Submitted)

Lecheler, Sophie and Vreese, Claes H. de (2019) News Framing Effects. Routledge. (Submitted)

Lee, John (2019) Business hack: The Wealth Dragon Way To Build A Successful Business In The Digital Age. John Wiley & Sons, United Kingdom. (Submitted)

Libby, Alex (2019) Checking Out with the Payment Request API. Apress, RUGBY, UK. ISBN 978-1-4842-5183-6 (Submitted)

Line, Joranger (2019) An Interdisciplinary Approach to the Human Mind. Routledge. (Submitted)

Litvinavicius, Taurius (2019) Exploring Blazor. Apress. ISBN 978-1-4842-5445-5 (Submitted)

Loredana Nita, Stefania and Mihailescu, Marius (2019) Haskell Quick Syntax Reference. Apress. ISBN 978-1-4842-4506-4 (Submitted)

Loredana Nita, Stefania and Mihailescu, Marius (2019) Haskell Quick Syntax Reference. Apress. ISBN 978-1-4842-4506-4 (Submitted)

Lospinoso, Josh (2019) C++ CRASH COURSE. No Starch Press, San Francisco. ISBN 978-1-59327-888-5 (Submitted)


Mailund, Thomas (2019) Introducing Markdown and Pandoc. Apress. ISBN 978-1-4842-5148-5 (Submitted)

Maryati, Wiwik and Masriani, Ida (2019) PELUANG BISNIS DI ERA DIGITAL BAGI GENERASI MUDA DALAM BERWIRAUSAHA: STRATEGI MENGUATKAN PEREKONOMIAN. Jurnal MEBIS (Manajemen dan Bisnis), 4 (2). pp. 53-58. (Submitted)

Mathur, Puneet (2019) Machine Learning Applications Using Python: Cases Studies from Healthcare, Retail, and Finance. Apress. ISBN 978-1-4842-3787-8 (Submitted)

McFedriesa, Paul (2019) Alexa For Dummies. John Wiley & Sons. ISBN 978-1-119-56579-6 (Submitted)

McQuerry, Steve and Jansen, David and Hucaby, David (2019) Cisco LAN Switching Configuration Handbook. Cisco Press, 800 East 96th Street Indianapolis, IN 46240 USA. ISBN 978-1-58705-610-9 (Submitted)

Mena, Alejandro Serrano (2019) Practical Haskell : A Real World Guide to Programming. Apress. ISBN 978-1-4842-4480-7 (Submitted)

Meyer, Flavia and Szygula, Zbigniew and Wilk, Boguslaw (2019) Fluid Balance, Hydration, and Athletic Performance. Taylor & Francis Group. ISBN 978-1-4822-2328-6 (Submitted)

Michelucci, Umberto (2019) Advanced Applied Deep Learning. Apress. (Submitted)

Mihailidis, Paul (2019) CIVIC MEDIA LITERACIES Re-Imagining Human Connection in an Age of Digital Abundance. Routledge. ISBN 978-1-315-52605-8 (Submitted)

Moshenska, Gabriel (2019) Material Cultures of Childhood in Second World War Britain. Routledge. (Submitted)

Mustapha Tahrioui, Mohamed (2019) asyncio Recipes. Apress. ISBN 978-1-4842-4400-5 (Submitted)


Nair, Vijay (2019) Practical Domain-Driven Design in Enterprise Java Using Jakarta EE, Eclipse MicroProfile, Spring Boot, and the Axon Framework. Apress. ISBN 978-1-4842-4543-9 (Submitted)


Palermo, Jeffrey (2019) .NET DevOps for Azure : A Developer’s Guide to DevOps Architecture the Right Way. Apress. ISBN 978-1-4842-5343-4 (Submitted)

Patnaik, Srikanta and Yang, Xin-She and Tavana, Madjid and Popentiu-Vlădicescu, Florin and Qiao, Feng (2019) Digital Business Business Algorithms, Cloud Computing and Data Engineering. Springer. ISBN 978-3-319-93939-1 (Submitted)

Payne, Rap (2019) Beginning App Development with Flutter. Apress, Dallas, TX, USA. ISBN 978-1-4842-5180-5 (Submitted)

Persson, Anders (2019) Framing Social Interaction. Routledge. ISBN 978-1-315-58293-1 (Submitted)

Pipatti, Otto (2019) Morality Made Visible. Routledge. (Submitted)

Pratikto, Heri and Hurriyati, Ratih and Suhartanto, Eko (2019) PENDIDIKAN, BISNIS, DAN MANAJEMEN MENYONGSONG ERA SOCIETY 5.0. PENERBIT BASKARA MEDIA. ISBN 978-623-74460-4-0 (Submitted)


Ramsundar, Bharath and Eastman, Peter and Walters, Patrick and Pande, Vijay (2019) Deep Learning for the Life Sciences. O'Reilly Media, 1005 Gravenstein Highway North, Sebastopol, CA 95472.. ISBN 978-1-492-03983-9 (Submitted)

Relan, Kunal (2019) Building REST APIs with Flask. Apress, New Delhi, Delhi, India. ISBN 978-1-4842-5021-1 (Submitted)

Robb, Tracy (2019) CompTIA PenTest Practice Tests. John Wiley. ISBN 978-1-119-54284-1 (Submitted)

Russell, Andrew (2019) Anthropology of Tobacco. Routledge. ISBN 978-1-351-05019-7 (Submitted)


Sawhney, Rahul (2019) Beginning Azure Functions. Apress, Hyderabad, India. ISBN 978-1-4842-4443-2 (Submitted)

Seneviratne, Pradeeka (2019) BBC microbit Recipes. Apress, Udumulla, Mulleriyawa, Sri Lanka. ISBN 978-1-4842-4912-3 (Submitted)

Singh, Abhishek and Ramasubramanian, Karthik and Shivam, Shrey (2019) Building an Enterprise Chatbot. Apress, New Delhi, Delhi, India. ISBN 978-1-4842-5033-4 (Submitted)

Singh, Pramod (2019) Learn PySpark: Build Python-based Machine Learning and Deep Learning Models. Apress. ISBN 978-1-4842-4961-1 (Submitted)

Sinha, Sanjib (2019) Beginning Laravel. Second Edition . Apress, Howrah, West Bengal, India. ISBN 978-1-4842-4990-1 (Submitted)

Sinha, Sanjib (2019) Bug Bounty Hunting for Web Security. Apress, Howrah, West Bengal, India. ISBN 978-1-4842-5390-8 (Submitted)

Skeet, Jon (2019) C# in Depth Fourth Edition. Manning Publications. ISBN 9781617294532 (Submitted)

Späth, Peter (2019) Beginning Jakarta EE. Apress, Leipzig, Sachsen, Germany. ISBN 978-1-4842-5078-5 (Submitted)

Späth, Peter (2019) Learn Kotlin for Android Development: The Next Generation Language for Modern Android Apps Programming. Apress. ISBN 978-1-4842-4467-8 (Submitted)

Stackowiak, Robert (2019) Azure Internet of Things Revealed. Apress, Elgin, IL, USA. ISBN 978-1-4842-5469-1 (Submitted)

Strate, Jason (2019) Expert Performance Indexing in SQL Server 2019. apress, Hugo, MN, USA. ISBN 978-1-4842-5463-9 (Submitted)

Strate, Jason (2019) Expert Performance Indexing in SQL Server 2019, 3rd Edition. Apress. ISBN 978-1-4842-5463-9 (Submitted)

Strate, Jason (2019) Expert Performance Indexing in SQL Server 2019: Toward Faster Results and Lower Maintenance. Apress. ISBN 978-1-4842-5464-6 (Submitted)

Strazzullo, Francesco (2019) Frameworkless Front-End Development. Apress. ISBN 978-1-4842-4966-6 (Submitted)

Suehring, Steven (2019) CompTIA® Linux+ Practice Tests. Second Edition . John Wiley & Sons, Indianapolis, Indiana. ISBN 978-1-119-55596-4 (Submitted)

Swamynathan, Manohar (2019) Mastering Machine Learning with Python in Six Steps. Apress. ISBN 978-1-4842-4947-5 (Submitted)


Tamboli, Anand (2019) Build Your Own IoT Platform. Apress, Sydney, NSW, Australia. ISBN 978-1-4842-4497-5 (Submitted)

Tamminen, Sakari and Deibel, Eric (2019) Recoding Life : Information and the Biopolitical. Routledge. (Submitted)

Tanskanen, Antti O. and Danielsbacka, Mirkka (2019) Intergenerational Family Relations. Routledge. (Submitted)

Tarantino, Giovanni and Zika, Charles (2019) Feeling Exclusion. Routledge. ISBN 978-0-429-35433-5 (Submitted)

Teofili, Tommaso (2019) Deep Learning for Search. Manning Publications Co, 20 Baldwin Road PO Box 761 Shelter Island, NY 11964. ISBN 9781617294792 (Submitted)


Van Weert, Peter and Gregoire, Marc (2019) C++17 Standard Library Quick Reference. Apress, Belgium. ISBN 978-1-4842-4922-2 (Submitted)

Vesterli, Sten (2019) Oracle Visual Builder Cloud Service Revealed Rapid Application Development for Web and Mobile. Apress. ISBN 978-1-4842-4929-1 (Submitted)

van de Laar, Enrico (2019) Pro SQL Server 2019 Wait Statistics : A Practical Guide to Analyzing Performance in SQL Server. Apress. ISBN 978-1-4842-4916-1 (Submitted)


WOLOHAN, J. T. (2019) Mastering Large Datasets with Python PARALLELIZE AND DISTRIBUTE YOUR PYTHON CODE. Manning Publications. ISBN 9781617296239 (Submitted)

Waghmare, Charles (2019) Introducing Azure Bot Service. Apress. ISBN 978-1-4842-4887-4 (Submitted)

Wang, Wallace (2019) Beginning iPhone Development with Swift 5. Fifth Edition . Apress, San Diego, CA, USA. ISBN 978-1-4842-4864-5 (Submitted)

Wang, Wallace (2019) Pro iPhone Development with Swift 5 : Design and Manage Top Quality Apps Second Edition. Apress, USA. ISBN 978-1-4842-4944-4 (Submitted)

Warrington, Marnie Hughes- (2019) History As Wonder. Routledge. (Submitted)

Whittaker, Jason (2019) Tech Giants, Artificial Intelligence, and the Future of Journalism. Routledge. (Submitted)

Wijermars, Mariëlle (2019) Memory Politics in Contemporary Russia. Routledge. (Submitted)

Wisła, Wisła and Nowosad, Andrzej (2019) Economic Transformation in Poland and Ukraine. Routledge. ISBN 978-1-003-04137-5 (Submitted)


Yank, Kevin (2019) Build Your Own Database Driven Web Site Using PHP & MySQL. Fourth Edition . SitePoint Pty. Ltd., 48 Cambridge Street Collingwood VIC Australia 3066.. ISBN 978-0-9805768-1-8 (Submitted)

Yunxian, Chen and Wenjing, Gu (2019) Regional Government Competition. Routledge. (Submitted)


Zadka, Moshe (2019) DevOps in Python. apress, Belmont, CA, USA. ISBN 978-1-4842-4432-6 (Submitted)

Zadka, Moshe (2019) DevOps in Python: Infrastructure as Python. Apress. ISBN 978-1-4842-4433-3 (Submitted)

Zammetti, Frank (2019) Practical Flutter Improve your Mobile Development with Google’s Latest Open-Source SDK. Apress. ISBN 978-1-4842-4972-7 (Submitted)

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